The last few years leading to getting your finance degree were quite a sacrifice. You spent hours burning the midnight oil trying to understand all the investment, financial modeling, and everything in between. And it was worth it. You are now a proud finance degree graduate. It is time to hit the road and find what opportunities await you. With so much that you can do with your finance degree, what should be your focus? 


Become a Financial Planner


A financial planner assists other people to get their finances in order. Then, you will use your investment knowledge to come up with a mix of investment vehicles that give maximum returns to your client.

To excel as a financial planner, you must have solid analytical skills, interpersonal skills, and persuasive skills. For, you have to crunch lots of numbers to come up with an appropriate portfolio. Plus, your clients must trust your judgment.


Practice Law as an Attorney


Do you practice law, or have an additional law degree alongside your finance degree? Then use your competitive edge to become an attorney. An attorney will work on a wide range of financial situations, including taxation, banking, and property disputes. A thorough understanding of these subjects is necessary.


As an attorney, you will use your analytical, problem-solving, and research skills for your clients. Next, you must have top-notch presentation competencies when presenting to clients, your colleagues, or possibly in court. Other valuable areas of expertise include administration, time -management, business strategy, industry analysis, and negotiation skills.


Start a Commercial Real Estate Business


Do you have a keen eye for trends? You can be successful in the commercial real estate business as you assist your clients in buying or selling commercial property. In a typical day at work, you will view the property, analyze their supporting documents and reports, and work with accountants and lawyers to safeguard your clients’ interests.


A winning commercial real estate broker must have strong sales and analytical skills. Further, you have to be a risk-taker, taking opportunities as they arise.




Other career opportunities for a finance graduate include teaching finance or business, working as a credit analyst, actuary, or an accountant. Whichever career path you take, use your finance degree to stand out.