Keeping up to date with this year’s most relevant work skills is key to staying marketable as a professional. You can also use these skills as a bargaining chip to request for a pay bump or executive promotion. Regardless of what you plan on doing with them, here is a list of four top work skills this 2020:


Problem Solving


The ability to sit through a problem and figure out a way to solve it is a skill that every type of business needs. After all, companies only survive and grow by overcoming one challenge after another. This 2020, more complex problems including the Coronavirus outbreak, climate crisis, and artificial intelligence will require more problem solvers in the field.


Cognitive Flexibility


Being able to switch between different ways of thinking is important in the modern workplace. Every day, new tools, systems, and markets are intersecting. In the process, this harmonious intersections are creating the need for diversely skilled employees and executives who can navigate their way across different roles and assume different hats. Cognitive flexibility is also about having the mental stamina to switch from different trains of thoughts.




Negotiation is an art form with a utility that transcends beyond business. As robots become more advanced and start to render many jobs obsolete, social skills will become even more relevant in the workplace. Why? For the simple reason that robots are unable to negotiate or interact in any meaningful way. Nowadays, it’s not enough to just be technically proficient in your line of work. You need to be confident and assertive when it comes to what you want in your career.




The rift between reality and fantasy is increasing, thanks to technology. As a result, society is looking for places or ways where they can appreciate some semblance of humanity. This is where people with storytelling abilities come into the picture. Storytelling is a whole new level of marketing that uses themes to tell a story of either what happens if a guest chooses their product/service or what the origin of the brand is.


Staying relevant requires ongoing learning throughout life. Always be curious about new technologies and topics. Learn both the theory and real-world application of new things until people want to pay you for your skills.