Amid COVID-19, many Americans are looking to learn more about personal finance and wealth management.


Record numbers of individuals are claiming unemployment. As the future of the workplace seems to be unsure, people are focusing on how they can do more with less. One of the biggest concerns for Americans is filling the income gap between what they made before COVID-19’s shutdown, and what they’re able to bring home today. 

Individuals of all ages are leveraging online resources to learn more during this downtime.


Older individuals are able to learn a variety of skills through GetSetup. From social media fluency to understanding the details of Medicare, there is a wide range of options for seniors to learn how to navigate the new, digital environment. Their discovery management plan is free to users wanting to explore the interface and receive discounts of course offerings.


A nonprofit based in Florida is working to educate a new generation of financially savvy adults. Kids Count Inc. has new, as well as previously existing, money management courses for children as young as elementary-aged students. These programs are designed to introduce kids to age-appropriate financial understanding, as well as offer multiple courses on business and leadership for young entrepreneurs.

There are opportunities for all ages to continue to develop themselves through internet learning.


Another nonprofit organization, Money Management International, focuses on providing clear instruction on how to get out of debt, build a budget, and manage homeownership. This resource is available to the public and is designed to help adults better understand their personal situation as well as develop a plan to achieve their financial goals.


Even popular websites such as are adding new information to their information pages, encouraging readers to consider their options when managing their money. Offering videos, as well as blog posts and financial calculators, Smart Asset is working to connect the working-class with the knowledge they need to live comfortably.

As the economy changes, so does the need to understand the market.


No matter who is looking to manage their money, today’s global economy is dramatically different from the economy of 20 or 30 years ago. Learning about new platforms to invest, ways to take advantage of tax breaks, or even setting up repayment plans for those whose finances have gotten out of hand is crucial to surviving the COVID-19 pandemic.