When you are lacking in confidence, there can be a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy in play. You don’t accomplish your task, or get the job you interviewed for, and this proves that you were right to feel unsure. However, it’s a lot harder to do great work or to come across as your best self in an interview when your behavior is hesitant and not fully engaged.


It takes work to maintain confidence, especially if something has happened to make it take a real hit. Fortunately, with some work, there are things you can to

boost your confidence and get yourself focused and moving forward with a little more conviction on your side.


1. Listen To A Song With a Heavy Baseline


Have you ever felt more pumped up after listening to high energy music? There’s a reason for this. They have actually done studies that have shown participants were more confident after only two minutes of listening to music with a heavy baseline. Keep your favorite song and a pair of headphones at the ready. You can always take two minutes to yourself somewhere and let the music help pick you up.


2. Dress Your Best


Not feeling great? When you get dressed up, you put a more confident face out to the world, but you are also doing something nice for yourself to take care of yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror, or take a cute selfie. Dress in clothes that make you feel powerful.


3. Positive Self Talk


You’ll feel funny about this if you’ve never practiced it before, but get somewhere alone and speak to yourself like you are your best friend. Like you are someone else. Look at yourself in the mirror. You are a person who is trying. Let yourself throw a few of your negative thoughts out there, and see if you can’t find a way to counter them the way your best friend would. Maybe you did make a mistake, maybe one or two of the negative thoughts are true, but realistically, all you can do is move forward and try your best. Remind yourself of that and really hear your words.