Thomas Batterman

   Fiduciary Advisor

Thomas W. Batterman, JD, CTFA

Fiduciaries are different – structurally, philosophically, and legally – from other financial advisors. Thomas Batterman, Part-Owner and Fiduciary Advisor for Financial Fiduciaries, has a similar reputation within the industry. Known for his passion and desire to help people better understand their finances and make better decisions, Thomas has built a successful career by guiding clients to intelligent and responsible financial decisions.

Specializing in managing the investment and related financial affairs of both individuals and mutual insurance companies, Thomas loves providing service for clients in a manner that avoids the conflicts faced by other types of advisors so he can focus primarily on benefitting the people coming to him for help and his expertise.

Financial Fiduciaries, LLC was founded as an outgrowth of Vigil Trust & Financial Advocacy as a management solutions company for individuals and mutual insurance companies who don’t have the time or interest to attend to their financial matters properly. Knowing full well that most financial advisors are professionals acting out of good faith, the fact remains that – given how most financial professionals are paid – self-interest and the client’s best interest can collide. This is one reason why Thomas Batterman has loved being a financial fiduciary; managing a client’s financial future with only the client’s best interest in mind is freeing for both parties. 

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School with his JD and a course emphasis on Business, Tax, and Estate Planning Law, Thomas worked in law before entering into his role as Senior Trust Officer and Estate and Trust Planning and Administration at Vigil Trust & Financial Advocacy. Thomas Batterman also has held the designation of Certified Trust & Financial Advisor from the Institute of Certified Bankers for over 25 years and is a Registered Financial Advisor with the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. Thomas has, during his career, held Series 7, 24, and 65 securities licenses.

But Thomas Batterman doesn’t embody the false narrative of all work and no play. Active on the green working on his swing, visiting his alma mater to stay up to date with some classic college football rivalries, and spending time with his beautiful family. He also loves skiing, fishing, curing, and traveling. A longtime resident of Wausau, Wisconsin, Tom loves his life, his hometown, and the people around him. 

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